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People have asked me how do you say something to someone who is grieving? It is such a difficult subject. People are very nervous about it - it puts us in touch with our own fear of losing someone we love and our own death. And people worry about making the situation worse. I often hear people say ‘I didn’t say something because I could see it was very hard and I didn’t want to make it worse.’ In fact, it is helpful to say something and to acknowledge what has happened. You can’t make it worse: the worst has happened. 

I hope you find this website helpful – whether you are grieving or supporting someone who is bereaved. It is all about what children and parents have said was so important to them at this most difficult time in their lives.

Jenni Thomas OBE

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'Jenni encourages me to share my feelings no matter what they are and I very often surprise myself at the things I talk about when we are together. Through our conversations has come a belief that I am doing OK, sometimes better than OK, and this continues to give me hope and great comfort on this very difficult journey.'
Caren Fisk
Bereaved Wife

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